What is The Warriors Diet And How Effective Is It for weight loss

Warriors diet

Hello weight watchers!! I Hope this post finds you well.

I promised to always bring you real and practical weight loss programs that could help you loose weight and keep your body in shape and I think I did well   with my previous  posts which  I did here and here.

Today, I present to you the Warriors diet, this one’s got a pretty interesting name, right?  This diet is not for the faint of heart, so what’s the Warriors diet and how effective is it for weight loss? Let’s dive in already.

Warriors diet

This diet which is Also known as intermittent fasting, involves “under-eating” during the day and “overeating” at night. In simple terms, it entails  eating little or no Breakfast or lunch and then having a normal dinner. Large or medium, doesn’t matter whatever satisfies you at night is OK .

This diet was designed by Hofmekler based on observation and opinion, rather than on science. According to livingstrong.com. Hofmekler designed this diet in line with the eating pattern of the ancient Warriors who had little to eat during the day, while they did most of the hard work and instead ate their “hunt” at night.

In a nutshell the Warriors diet involves
minimal eating during the day, during this period the dieter could consume light snacks, vegetables, fruits or light protein like yogurt and have one main meal at night.

How effective is this for weight loss?

Having tried this system of eating before, I can testify that it is very effective at least for me, although I didn’t do any work out to accompany the under-eating periods. I didn’t do the right thing but I saw results still. Here’s another story of someone else who tried the Warriors diet read here.

Please always endeavor to check with your health care provider before trying out and form of dieting.

Have you ever tried the Warriors diet, was it Effective?

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