The waiting room of God


I learnt something really important from a preacher, a few Sunday’s ago.

I have always known that life is in stages and that where I am today, doesn’t determine where I will be tomorrow. however, the gentle reminder that God has a plan and purpose for everyone felt really good to hear again. Left me feeling refreshed.

The preacher went further to say that, there’s something called God’s waiting room and it’s quite similar to a lobby or one of those places you sit, waiting for the person you want to see when you go to one of those big organizations or institutions.

In God’s waiting room you will find all types of people with different kinds of issues all waiting to be attended to. The good news is, everyone gets attended to in due season no matter what your need might be.
You see, God has not forgotten because God does not forget,if it feels like he has then “guess what” you are simply in the waiting room and in due time you will be attended to.

So many times people bombard us with so many reasons why we are not where we ought to be, with so many principles to follow.

God knows your struggles, he knows your pain so just keep travailing in the waiting room your season will come.
This life is governed by the laws of times and seasons. Every man has his own season.
Keep a positive attitude while you wait, develop a joyful spirit while you wait, keep praying, keep fellowshipping with him and you will see him move in your favor in due time.



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