Stand and fight or take a flight?

Last week I was at a place where I needed to make a decision to either continue doing a certain thing or stop and make a fresh start.
I am sure we all get to that point where we are faced with this life defining question, do I stand and fight for what I want, what I believe in or do I let go?

Do I go out of my way and make an extra effort or do I walk away?

I am not being specific to any particular circumstance or situation because this question cuts across every sphere of life. school, business,relationships, work and even when it comes down to what you believe in.

sometimes the right thing to do is to stop and make a fresh start, to change course, to start a new chapter because that’s what is best for the situation, and other times  the solution to a problem would be to keep putting in more effort and to persevere.

it can get really confusing to know what is best for each situation. There is no clear cut answer. However there are ways you can determine and know what to do under  each circumstance,

You can ask yourself these questions
Why am I doing this?
What is the benefit in this?
How necessary Is it?
How hard have I worked?
Have I given it my best?
Is it worth my time?
Is it worth doing?
Is this thing crucial to my existence?
If I stop now would I feel at peace with myself ?
have done my best?
if I stop now would it be a mistake ?
Have I really tried enough..?
The list can go on and on

to each situation it’s own set of questions. The most important thing being pointed out here is that, as a person you must understand that there comes a time when you must Stand and fight for what you want, against all odds, throw away pride, laziness, apathy, ego, etc because failure to do so would lead to regret.

Look within and always endeavor to know where to draw the line.


  1. This happens to every single one of us and we have to be strong enough to ask these questions to ourselves because sometimes we're so lost we can't even find the answers. Thanks for sharing your experience

  2. I tend to always think for myself and rarely look to what everyone is doing. I think that is so important, otherwise you tend to lose yourself. Great post. Really makes you think.

  3. Good article. As someone with Chronic illness I'm envious at how many people chose to stand and fight but if I expel too much energy I suffer from seizure episodes so I definitely have to pick my battles.

  4. As the saying goes "anything worth doing is worth doing well" In everything we put ourselves to do or achieve we must have to do our very best and also it is also necessary to pause at sometime in life and reminisce. Very important cause it help to get us back on track.

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