Signs that you are an emotional bully and you need to stop!


Bullying is bad! No matter what form it comes in.

As a kid I was bullied,  basically because I was fat and I was schooling in a foreign environment.

it was a painful experience for me, one I didn’t share with anyone not even my siblings or parents. I dreaded going to School.

The name calling, the seclusion, the sheer meanness is just not something anyone would want to go through.

Interestingly, Bullying doesn’t necessarily  end at childhood, some adults are still victims of bullies . emotional bullies!

people who talk you down, call you names , try to tear you apart, wish you bad and criticize your every move are bullies. I don’t really care what their objectives are!

if you on the other hand you are the kind of Person who does any of the following you may be hurting someone too,  and you need to stop.

Here are a few signs that you may be hurting someone! 

1. YOU CONSTANTLY CRITICIZE: criticism is not entirely bad when it has a good objective however when it is incessant it becomes a problem and needs to be curtailed. sometimes you need to take a break from criticizing.

2. YOU TEASE A LITTLE TOO MUCH : sometimes we tend to cross the line with all the teasing and fun making unbeknownst to us we are actually making someone else feel bad all in the name of fun.

3. YOU CALL PEOPLE NAMES :name calling is as bad as it sounds. People who call others names are certainly emotional bullies and need to stop.

4. YOU YELL AND SCREAM : Yelling over another person is the same as saying they have no right to speak, to express their unique opinion and point of view.

5. YOU INSIST ON YOUR OWN OPINION : if you are the kind of person who constantly interrupts conversations in an attempt to shove your opinions down other people’s throat, you could be an emotional bully.

6. YOU ARE CONTROLLING : people who seek to control everything and everyone around them are emotional bullies. People who tend to ask pervasive questions are bullies as well,”where were you, what were you doing, where are you going ” etc. know where to draw the line and give people their personal space.

7. YOU SEEK REVENGE : whether it’s the silent treatment or the outright acts of revenge, All such behavior is immature, selfish and mean-spirited. They are tactics of the bully and you need to stop.

8: YOU THREATEN : if threatening people isn’t bullying, I wonder what is. Have you ever threatened divorce, suicide or unfaithfulness during an argument? Just stop it, you could be hurting someone.

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