Signs your talent is being wasted .


Why should you waste your talent? Seriously, it makes no sense. why would anyone have a skill or an ability and make nothing of It? I have been around a couple of people who snuffed the life out of their abilities, simply because it remained untapped for too long.

For starters, if you are surrounded by the wrong folks,

People who do not recognize your skills and accomplishments,

People who do not appreciate your contributions,

People who disrespect you or treat you badly,

Or if you are at a place where You do not see any trends to help you get better and suggest areas that you need to improve on.

…… You are already on the path to wasting your talent.
Do not be deceived bad company ruins good character!! You’re in bad company and you need to run!!

Secondly, if you no longer engage yourself in creative challenges,you’re on the wrong path. It’s not just about producing more,but about stewarding your gifts. Nothing is worse than an untapped potential. You can be much better than you are, where you are right now is definitely not the best there is.
If you engage in creative challenges and exercises your full potential will be unraveled gradually.
Endeavor to set achievable goals every week to improve on your skills.

Also, if you no longer think it necessary to invest in your development or the development of new ideas or practices, you’re definitely making a big mistake. Any Investment to improve your skill is never a bad decision or a waste of resources.

Have you learnt anything new this year? If You haven’t learnt anything new in a whole year. Do you mind my asking “why haven’t you? consider doing so, and soon too. Doesn’t matter how little it is.

How often do you practice? Practice makes perfect. There’s no other way around it!

Finally Listen to your gut. do you feel like you’re wasting your talent? Do you feel like you’re doing way less than you could and should be doing?

Then you probably need to up the ante.


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