Not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters

I have a little friend who is “hyper” friendly, she’s just eight but she literally initiates conversations and friendships on a first meeting. When we first met she walked up to me and asked me “what is your name”?” “my name is ify”, I replied, completely astounded at her guts, but I tried as much as I could not to show it. And that’s how we became a pea in a pod.

She’s a cute little angel, sweet and really friendly. Over time I have watched her talk to a couple of other people who don’t find her as interesting as I do, and don’t really give her the attention she gets from me and a few others. I guess she’s learning more about life( sorry sweetie, that’s life finally)

This makes me reflect on life generally. It’s actually impossible for everyone to like me. What one person wants me to do, another person might want me not to do. Not everyone will like me, but not everyone matters, so I shouldn’t let it bother me.

Not everyone you meet is going to like you, Don’t get offended. It doesn’t in any way reduce your worth. it’s not going to make you richer or poorer, prettier or uglier. Some people will not see the “big deal” about you, they will see you as just another human living on earth. Learn to Deal with it.

Not everyone is going to appreciate your gifts and talent, don’t waiver, keep putting in more effort. You are not the first and you sure won’t be the last.

Not everyone you meet will be willing to help you. Some people will be so uninterested in the things you value the most, they might not even understand why and how you derive pleasure from the things you do. To them it might seem like a complete waste of time. It’s completely normal,there are people who have been strategically positioned by God to help you until you meet these people keep calm and keep moving forward.

Not everyone you meet will encourage you, there will be people who will be so keen about the things you do like “kilode” !! While some will be so passive and indifferent like “what’s your name again”? this shouldn’t deter you in any way. Keep the fire burning.

As you go through life, bear in mind that not everyone belongs in your life. And when you meet people who are not necessarily relevant to your purpose, don’t be bothered by the way they will to react to it. Cut them off quickly before they poison your mind and disrupt your focus.
Those who need to be in your life will come and stay and will ultimately help you become better.
P S: don’t forget to appreciate them. These people don’t come easy.

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