Night owl or Early bird?

Night owl or Early bird?
They say “the early bird catches the worm” so what does the night owl get ?
Without any doubt in my mind I am most certainly a night owl, don’t be scared I don’t bite.
I am a late nighter, the night is when I am most alert, I enjoy the peace and quiet.If I have a book to read or a movie to watch I always save it for my night time rendezvous, I really can’t say how I inculcated the habit or developed the lifestyle but for as long as I can remember I have been this way and I kinda it.

As expected, Mornings are not my thing, I am a beautiful mess in the morning probably one of the reasons why I don’t really love the idea of having a white collar job, I literally drag myself through the mornings like a slug, trust me if you meet me in the morning you would be shocked.

My mom on the other hand is an early bird, once it’s 3am she gets restless and I get angry, I really cannot wrap my head around how it works for her but she has this serious early morning vibe that I can’t understand till tomorrow. She’s supper active in the morning, very strong and surprisingly consistent at it. (My superwoman)
expectedly, once it’s 8pm she begins to shut down and I always find it amusing. ¬†like they say you can’t cheat nature. There are a few perks of being either of the two so let’s see them

Higher intelligence
More creativity
More fun
Catching up on the world Wide Web

Less prone to addictions and depression
They can keep normal jobs
They catch the early worm
They get the best of the day
They are better employees

So what category do you fall under, are you a night owl or an early bird?


  1. I have always been a night owl but it is because I have trouble sleep for long periods. Staying up late is when I get the most work done anyway though in my opinion. Thanks for sharing the information.

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