Must read – 7 things your boss wishes you knew


Most of us have a boss or a mentor,-check} I do. someone we are accountable to or look up to for inspiration. Check….

Do you often wish to know what was really going on inside the head of your boss or mentor, in other to be able to achieve what they have achieved? Me too.

Sadly, the technology for that doesn’t yet exist , However, after talking to and working with a few people I look up to for inspiration , I have discovered 7 commonalities. Follow this advice

1. BE CONSISTENT : Success doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process and you must be consistent to get to the end of the process. I am not naturally the most consistent person as a matter of fact for me it’s a daily struggle. but I have learnt that consistency produces reward. So I try to Keep the fire burning!.

2. KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE : success demands a positive attitude, being difficult, constantly complaining, nay-saying, gossiping, and generally being a grumpy person is not going to be tolerated for long, regardless of the skills you have.

3 : HARD WORK PAYS: all the hard work, all the sleepless nights, all the sacrifices,struggles, downfalls it all pays off. Never give up.

4.LEARN TO PROFFER SOLUTION : SIMPLY identifying a problem without offering any kind of assistance or solution, is not good enough. You need to always identify a problem with a view to proffering a solution. If you don’t have the expertise to address the problem, talk to someone who does.

5. EXPECT CRITICISM : whoever you are and whatever it is you do not everyone is going to agree with you, don’t take it personal. Constructive criticism is how we all learn to grow in our roles, and advance in our careers. Brush it off, and learn from it. People should be able to critique your work and ideas without you feeling attacked or hurt.

6.THINK BEYOND THE NORM : learn to be creative with life. Think outside the box, life doesn’t always have to follow a convenient/conventional pattern.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a dissenting opinion, Someone who says yes to every single thing is not only seen as irritating, but also lazy. It takes work, and bravery, to speak up about an idea that’s different. But it also shows you’re thinking.

So these are 7 things your boss wishes you knew about success, I hope this helps and inspires you.  Don’t forget to use the comment box.

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