Little beginnings


Dear one,

Do you know TY Bello was once a hairdresser ?
Do not despise the days of little beginning. Every thing great starts small. Every great man was once a little child.
If you despise one you’ll never see two.
Progress starts with a step and as you continue to build on it relentlessly , you’ll see growth.
Stop looking down on yourself and the little you have in your hand , that little thing you have is your seed and like we all know , every good seed has the potential to grow and bear fruit, if properly nutured and fed.
A great man i know (david Abioye) defined big as , small plus small plus another small, till infinity. Addition is what leads to completion , nothing completes without being added to.
Your Little beginning is the best way to start, that way you will lay a solid foundation and learn the tricks of the trade.
Fan the flames of your passion , career, business , give it qulity attention and watch it grow.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step , take that step and keep moving.
The world is waiting to hear your story.!!!


Thanks for reading?

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