Help!! I was invited to speak at a public event.


Some people make public speaking seem so effortless, but for some of us the mere thought of standing in front of a gazillion people or even a handful, trying to make sense to them, makes us cringe.

If you have ever heard me speak, you might have gotten the impression that I love to speak or that I am pretty confident about speaking. Bong!!! I don’t and I’m not !! 🙁
I don’t know how it happened but
the thought of having to make a public speech of any sort, is just not one of my favorite things. I normally feel like I would just clam up or die of stage fright.

But here’s what I know…

Life isn’t always about perfection or convenience

Life also doesn’t always go the way we plan so we need to be flexible and adapt to the needs that arise per day.

It’s not always about whether you can or can’t
Or about what you like to do or don’t like to do
It’s about what needs to be done, more often than not!

I mean, Whoever knew that I was going to be a blogger??
If and when the need to give a presentation arises don’t torture yourself through the process , balance out those on-stage jitters by understanding what’s really going on.

Have your speech properly planned out. I don’t really do much speaking but whenever the need arises I always try to have my presentation rehearsed and properly planned out. I’m not a spontaneous speaker so if I don’t organize what I want to say, I will probably just stutter throughout, say a bunch of irrelevant things and go home feeling disappointed in myself .

Don’t concern yourself with what your audience thinks of you. You really don’t want to know what is going on in the minds of your listeners, seriously, so just let the thought pass. Your objective as a speaker is not to read minds but to relay an information. rather, try to connect with your audience, make the ambience warm and comfortable.

Don’t give anyone the opportunity to distract you by maintaining eye contact for too long. Look at the wall, if you have to!

People think that when they’re speaking in public, the audience is hanging on to every word they say, unfortunately,That most times is not the case, as a matter of fact that would be great if it were the case. Most people are probably thinking about themselves, and barely listening. Like a writer said people are egocentric.
I think you should be more bothered about getting people to listen to you than worrying over how much scrutiny your presentation is getting.

Finally, be comfortable in your own skin. Dress the part and carry yourself with confidence.
People with high self esteem are naturally charming.


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