Get married young so you can be divorced and happy in your thirties

Obviously I’m kidding with the title but you get my drift. A lot of talk has been going on regarding marriage and since I have been blessed to have done it twice then I should have some experience in the matter. While I respect everyone’s views please my young ladies do not feel any pressure to marry young(except you are ready) instead I urge you to seize opportunities like go to school, get educated, meet people earn money, start a business, travel the world, partake in community service projects, do good in the world, build meaningful friendships, find yourself, develop a relationship with your God, visit Osama bin Laden’ grave or whatever etc.
These are the things that make you who you are and not your marital status.I have never in my entire life felt luckier than a single woman. I married early (age 19) and it was the biggest mistake of my life, not because my husband wasn’t a great man but because I was too young and didn’t know how to handle things and I didn’t even know who I was! It was bound to fail. The world is changing guys, there must be some substance about you, something that defines you, this is what he will fall in love with, right?!

I would rather the women took out time to find love rather than rush due to pressure and make mistakes, endure divorce and ruin the lives of our children. Take your time ladies!!

To my sisters over 30 who are not married, your marriage will most likely last longer than those of us who married when we had no business marrying. To my sisters below 30 who are married, God bless your home and it will be blessed in Jesus name.

Marriage is a blessed Institution, but God never put age limitations in the Bible. I know many women that jumped into marriage at a young age and are unhappy. 100s. I also know women who found amazing love at 50.

Being married is one thing and your happiness is another. Peace to the middle east. And remember in this order, education, money, life and then boys. In the end all na God.
Note: I’m married with a beautiful family.

One more thing, if you are young and you are ready, then go!

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  1. The title actually got my attention. I totally agree with this post. I believe everyone needs to get a life before entering into marriage. Marriage is serious business.

  2. The title got me… Haha! I have been in a 5 year relationship, but never have I ever thought about mariage. I'm 26, and I feel still too young to think about it. I believe it will come naturally at some point. Don't want to end up like Ross from the series FRIENDS if you know what I mean 😛

  3. Great post! I love this. I feel like so many girls and women feel like its a race and that they NEED to finda husband and settle down. I did things totally backwards and did really experience living they way you discussed above. I didnt travel much, I didnt go away for school and really build friendships and I didnt get to persue my dreams and goals like a wish I did. While I am married and a bit older. I am now trying to do some of the things I wish I would have done before. Lesson Learned!

  4. I love this. I believe that not just women but men also should live their life and make mistakes so that when the day comes that a good one come along they will appreciate him or her.

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