Easy steps to finding the perfect business.

The words “there are no jobs ” is fast becoming an anthem. One that I am tired of hearing. 

As a result people are now turning to business as means of making ends meet. unfortunately,
Building a business is never easy, the opportunities are few, the pitfalls many The struggle real, and the consumers impossible to please(sometimes) . Nevertheless, if you really put your heart to it, you could make your dreams come true.
So what are the things you need to consider before starting up a business? If you are thinking of starting a blog you can also read this post.

Firstly, As an entrepreneur, you need to have a keen eye for recognizing unmet needs, market trends and potential business opportunities, regardless of the industry. You simply need a critical eye, passion alone won’t cut it.

Secondly, what’s your passion, what are you passionate about? It’s true that it’s a business and not a passion project. But choosing a business idea that aligns with our heart and soul is super important. It allows for dedication, commitment and consistency. So have you ever considered turning your passion into a project?

Thirdly, identify a problem. What problems are you seeing consistently. With the availability of social media platforms it is easy to take a survey. Also Sites like Pinterest and Instagram can be a great resource for gathering product and niche ideas. It’s called research and development. (I think :))

Finally, get a mentor. There must be somebody somewhere doing something that you love and admire you could learn from them. You could get inspiration as well from such persons.

Never stop asking questions. Learn to ask questions, a lot of information is passed from person to person. seek out inspiration in a bigger landscape. Attend investment events.
you never know where you’d find your light bulb.

So, what steps did you use to finding the perfect business or brand please use the comment box below. Thanks


  1. Great advice. I run a social media management company and before I made the step to launch full time, I attend many seminars, read many content as it related to the field and interned with some of the major companies in my field. I found a lot of benefits by doing this.

  2. Having a business on side will definitely a big help. However, while we know there are tons of ideas for us to start with, we also have to consider other concerns. With the presented tips herein, I'm sure starting business can be easier.

  3. I love that passion is the second requirement in this post. It is extremely important to do something you care about and will stick with, but having a critical eye is definitely most important!

  4. I am definitely learning about things as I move along when it comes to developing a business. I know it comes to meeting unmet needs when developing a business. And I definitely need to focus on that some more.

  5. I would consider my blog as my business and you are right you have to be passionate about what you do. I dropped out of so many things because I was not passionate about it whereas I am passionate about blogging! x

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