Dairy of an African child

Just like the average Africa child, I grew up in your average African home, my parents weren’t too strict , however if you misbehaved you got spanked .I was lucky I had parents who believed in having discussions and letting their kids have opinions.
My father was a diplomat and my mum was a teacher so they knew a lot about the real world.
I remember when we were living in Sudan my father encouraged me greatly to mix up and have a social life, nothing scared him more than he’s only daughter becoming some kind of social outcast . Looking back I think he was on a mission , he bought I and my brothers books and encouraged us to read, the fastest reader always got a price in the end.
We however had our own fair share of running to switch of the television at the sound of the car and acting like nothing ever happened, every once in a while.

I am well aware that Some children don’t really have it easy with their parents , they get hounded and spanked by their parents especially the fathers and in time deep feelings of hatred begin to brew between the child and the parent.
trust me I have seen some really bad cases where the tension in the home can be felt and touched physically , Sometimes it lingers until the parent or both parents are late. Ya, it stays that long!

So, to the bitter African child turned adult

Dear one,

your father or mother is not your worst enemy , he might have been super strict while growing up but as an adult you can’t afford to live with the bitterness and hurt any longer.

Except for some exceptional cases most times our parents are strict because they love us and want the best for us.
Maybe the approach was wrong but I know the motive was right.
You see my dad is late now and there are still moments I reflect and wish I had done better.
You don’t have to wait until they are no more to throw some “one in town” burial for them, that’s medicine after death, show them love now. If you are at loggerheads with your parent(s) go and makepece now, if you have been neglecting them, begin to care for them now, if you haven’t called them for ages pick up your phone and call today.

Always remember the sacrifices your parents made for you as a child, let those sacrifices trump the fallouts in your heart
You will not always have them around , so make the most out of the time you have left.
Honouring your parents brings reward from God.
You will be a parent tomorrow , do unto your parents what you want your children to do to you.

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