Blogging mistakes you need to avoid as a beginner!


If you are a newbie in the blogging sphere you might still be struggling with a lot of things like SEO , keywords and the fact that people don’t ever seem to be interested in reading what you are writing. Let’s just say struggling with the traffic thing.

When I started as a blogger I struggled with so many of these things and in addition I made so many mistakes. Why?.. Well because I didn’t really have any guide and little or no idea what I was doing. You, really don’t need to make any of the blogging  mistakes I made. That’s why you have me!!! *smiles *


So what are the blogging mistakes you need to avoid as a beginner?

1. First of all, Don’t waste time making up your mind. If you have made a decision to start blogging, then start already stop procrastinating. Get everything you want to do figured out and set the ball rolling. I still beat myself over how long it took me to realize that blogging was something I really wanted to do. I played around with the idea for too long before I finally started taking it seriously.

2. Buy a domain. If you want to earn money from your blog at any time, then please buy a domain. It’s pretty affordable and easy to buy. First, it looks more professional to direct a blog to “ ” instead of “” however if your blog exists for just personal purposes or as a pass time it doesn’t really matter.

You can buy a domain from namecheap or godaddy. I bought mine from godaddy.

3. Start on WordPress. I’m sure you have heard a lot about the WordPress vs blogger saga already, that never ending contention. Well, I say WordPress! WordPress is a lot easier and more professional. I started on blogger, just like most people, because it’s free, but then I moved to WordPress. you could too, but again if you really want to earn from your blog, then start with WordPress.

4. Get a niche. Yes please!! I still cringe at the thought of all the things I wrote about when I started out as a new blogger. There is no topic under the sun I didn’t write on. You really don’t have to be like me, decide before you begin what niche you want to write on. Make sure it’s something you have much knowledge about and are passionate about too. This is one blogging mistake that is so common, you don’t have to be a victim.
Here are some niche ideas



Healthy living

Self improvement

5.Have a Self-Hosted Blog: This means taking the step to buy your own domain and migrating from a free hosting platform like or blogger to a self hosted WordPress website.

6.Connect with other bloggers. Facebook groups, where the heck were you when I started blogging? Blogging groups are everywhere and they are super helpful. Join blogging communities, they just make the blogging thing easier.

7. Inconsistency : you need to be consistent as a blogger. One post in three months won’t cut it.
Most people always ask what the ideal number of times to blog is, I say, At least 3 times a week.

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