According to research, if you want a happy lasting relationship, do these things.

Am I the only one tired of seeing failed relationships and marriages? I hope not!! I thought the vow read “till death do us part”. I know this is stale news but when I saw the bradangelina divorce news I was sincerely bothered, honestly I could have sworn that their marriage would last forever, guess I was wrong.

The rate at which relationships are springing up and burning out is actually alarming, people are literally rushing into relationships and running out in drones.
The rate of divorces are increasing exponentially making marriage seem a little bit scary to the unmarried folks.

Thankfully, there are a number of great Marriages that just reek of bliss and love and one is forced to wonder what the secret is.
Hollywood is teeming with divorce cases so being extremely beautiful or awfully rich is definitely out of the equation. I decided to embark on some research and here are a few things I found out as secrets to long lasting relationships and a Happy marriage. (from the horses mouth actually)

1. Kindness : when we talk about kindness the first thing that Springs to most people’s mind is “money”. Well kindness in this sense is not really about giving money or gifts, it’s more like care, genuine and undefiled care for the person with whom you have made a decision to Share your life with. Being able to enjoy their happy moments and also share their pain, no matter how trivial it seems , makes for a better relationship according to researchers. Let’s call it being supportive. you know how you should be his or her number one fan? Ya that’s what we mean.

2. Respecting each others space : people will always love to have their personal space it doesn’t matter how close to them you are, even if the two of you are a pea in a pod, they will always want to have their “me” time. It’s just normal. This is also another important factor that researchers have found necessary for the attainment of a healthy happy relationship /marriage. Allow your partner to breathe, don’t be a needy slash over dependent partner.

3. Avoid third parties : I would like to believe that third party intervention has become extinct and hopefully people have learnt how devastating allowing third parties can be, especially after the tiwa savage and tee blizz ordeal where they decided to spill their marriage secrets to us all and turn us into a panel of judges, opinions were just flying from one end of the street to another and am thinking you don’t want that. Point is if you have issues avoid involving people except of course a counselor.

4. DON’T CRITICIZE : I really don’t know how people who criticize others sleep at night, constructive criticism is good but it still should be put in check. As a partner you are a support system so it would help your partner a lot more if you say more positive things, things that will build them up and not tear them down. No one is asking you to lie or not to make suggestions where necessary, but trust me even corrections can be done nicely, with a warm smile and a pat on the back.

5. Pray : a family that prays together stays together. Tested and proved. It’s really inexplicable how this formula really works but it never disappoints. The power of a praying couple knows no bounds.

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