5 Ways mentally strong people deal with rejection


If there was one topic I would say I have the authority to discuss, it would be rejection. Throughout my journey, I’ve faced many ups and downs. At times the downs seems more than the ups, which can be overwhelming.

Often the people who you think “have it all” are people who have endured the most rejection. Not everyone who’s on top today got there with success after success. Their beginnings weren’t always smooth and they often had to face great obstacles and ridicule.

Rejection is one of the most brutal stakes to the heart because it deals a direct hit to the ego. There are few experiences more painful than being rejected. Dealing with rejection can be tough. A lot of people would chose physical pain rather than being rejected. Our basic human need to belong causes these incidents to stick with us throughout the years.

If you are charting a new path in a forested area expect rejection. Many of us have stifled our dreams by heeding some misguided critic who implied we were not good enough. Rejection is unavoidable in a creative life. Learning how to deal with rejection will keep you from plummeting into a place of immobilizing despair.

Overcoming Rejection

Keep in mind that you will probably never get rid of rejection; you may be rejected many times until the end of your life. Rejection on the whole is painfulbut viewing rejection as necessary and even positive will help you overcome it that much more easily.

Have a vision and don’t let anything deter you from following it. Take Courage. Put full steam into the next best opportunity you are working on.Keep a positive mental attitude. Pick up the pieces and dust yourself off. Stay motivated. When one door closes,try another door. Keep trying sooner or later the right door will open.Don’t take it personally. Rejection is not a measure of your self–worth. When somebody rejects you, sometimes they are acting on their own insecurities and fears.

Believe in yourself and there will come a day when others will have no choice but to believe with you ~Oscar Wilde

Avoid over thinking the rejection. Don’t torture yourself repeatedly, reliving the moments of humiliation and thinking what you could have done to counteract it. If you keep picking at a scab, the wound would keep bleeding and you will never heal .
Nothing happens before it’s time. Accept it was never meant for you at that point in time. When we get rejected we trap ourselves in a moment of doubt and distress. Don’t feel sorry for yourself and slump into an attitude of self-pity.Rejection offers us a chance to evolve through and learn from our experiences. Focus on professional and personal development (spiritual, emotional, mental, physical).

Life is not fair so develop thicker skin . adversity may make or break you, but it certainly reveals you. Have Faith and Trust God to direct your steps. Things may look dismal, you may get disappointed but don’t be discouraged.

When you look back you will say “Thank God!” that you didn’t settle for less. There was better in store.

To Your continued Success!


Written by

Brigette Hyacinth


  1. You are absolutely right that we must stop over-thinking rejection. In fact, rejection gives us a chance to work around ways we wouldn't have earlier. It helps us grow and get stronger. Cheers!!

  2. Good things to keep in mind! I can be an over-thinker, and I am trying to break that habit. I can also say that everywhere I've gotten is through perseverance, so you absolutely cannot let rejection get you down or "win."

  3. Rejection is hard for everyone. But when you believe in yourself and your own worth, it's a bit easier to dust yourself off and continue marching on toward your goals. Keep your head up and develop a little self pep talk to help maintain a positive attitude.

  4. It reminds me of the song that says God Blessed the Broken Road and led me straight to you. the same thing goes for life events. We need broken so that we can see fixed and let failure sit in the past

  5. I'm so glad I read this. I have faced a lot of rejecting in my life as well, I've always considered it to be fate preparing me for something better. I am still working on the over thinking part. I can admit it's something that I do and I don't know how to stop it.

  6. You hit the nail on the head here! It's so true; we can never escape rejection, we can only control how we deal with and overcome it. Definitely a good post to get me going on a Monday!

  7. Really a great post for today's generation's youth. They are not even ready for any type of rejection. Wether it may be in their job, friends,family,love life anything. This post will help them to think over once

  8. Sometimes i think that rejections are a great motivator for you to do better. I often challenge myself to do better when my ideas weren't accepted. I want to make sure that my next idea is way better than my last one.

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