5 simple and easy cloth – stain removal hacks


If you ever get a blot on your cloth, don’t fret it can come off without you having to spend much or abandon the cloth.

There are alot of easy stain removal  hacks that don’t cost a fortune. These stain removal hacks are also highly effective and easy to do.
I did a little research and found these stain removal  hacks just for you.

1. COKE: I know right? Who ever thought it would make the list, well it did. Coke can be used to remove blood and grease stains. Just add a little Coca-Cola to your regular wash and let it do the magic.

2. HAIR SPRAY: when you get a lipstick stain, don’t worry, just apply hair spray on that spot, let it sit for a while and just dab It with a cloth and wash after.

3.BAKING SODA: you can also save a little baking soda for times when you have a stain on the armpit of your cloth. Yup! Baking soda can remove armpit stains.

4.SHAVING CREAM: shaving cream can also be used to get rid of those make-up stains that refuse to go away.

5. LEMON AND BAKING SODA: this combination can be made into a paste apply on any stubborn armpit stain leave for one hour and wash off. It will come right off.

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