5 Signs that you are overeating


We all love food, food makes the world go round, but overeating is definitely a bad habit with a lot of downsides. Overeating can lead to unnecessary weight gain and lots of health problems.
Some of us can swear down that we don’t eat much, myself included, but we don’t just know how we are putting on those extra pounds. The truth is you might be overeating and you are not even aware of it
Here are five habits that encourage overeating.

1. STAYING UP LATE AT NIGHT : When you stay up past your bed time certain unholy urges can pop their heads, binge eating is one of them. For starters, the longer you stay awake, the more time you have to eat. While watching that marathon seasonal movie, there always comes the urge to spice up the moment by “snacking and munching while watching”. I also learnt that losing sleep also increases the desire for high-fat and high – calorie foods.

2. SKIPPING BREAKFAST : I usually skip breakfast most of the time but now that I know that it’s a a bad habit our relationship is over. Skipping breakfast is actually a bad habit especially when you have a long day ahead of you. This only leads to over eating much later in the day. So it’s better to eat breakfast and of course maintain a small sized portion when you do.

3 EATING LARGE PORTIONS: when you eat, please avoid using herculean sized plates or cups, there’s always the temptation to clean up your plate. Use small or medium sized plates when eating at home to trick your brain into thinking you have a full plate of food. You are likely to still clean up the plate but at least it will portend little or no danger.

5 Signs that you are overeating

4. IDLENESS : have you noticed that every time you are busy doing nothing the temptation to eat or drink usually pops it’s ugly head? Yes, sitting idle does make my stomach grumble and my hands itch.
So, Get busy don’t spend countless hours doing nothing, this way time will pass and you will avoid having to eat unnecessarily for the day.

5. EATING IN FRONT OF THE T.V: eating while in front of the tube, usually leads to overeating, because you tend to eat mindlessly, unaware of how much food you are taking in and at the same time deriving little or no satisfaction from it.
So It is advisable to eat with consciousness. Just like every other thing in life your food also demands attention, so make a commitment to just sit and eat.


  1. I used to be an overeater! I have found that planning my meals has assisted in stopping me eating excessively or late at night! Also, eating and ONLY eating! Not having any distractions so you notice when you’re full is SO important!

  2. I find I eat a lot more if I stay up late. It is so easy to overeat while you are watching TV. I try to stop eating after 8pm.

  3. My husband mostly does overeating. And now i know the reason actually. He skips his breakfast and sometimes eating large portions. I will share this article with him also. Thanks for sharing. Its very informative.

  4. Thanks for informing us about the signs of overeating and giving us advice. I do not like to gain weight so your article is really helpful. Thank you

  5. I couldn’t help smiling coz am guilty of these, especially during vacation or rainy season. I know its no good but sometimes comforting.

  6. I am totally guilty of all of these things. I really have a hard time when it comes to eating breakfast and I am sure that spoils my whole eating for the day.

  7. Growing up it was a rule in our family that we never ate any meals in front of the television! When you do so you can lose track of the amount of food consumed, and it’s just a bad habit overall.

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