5 Rewarding Things you can do with your free time

There’s always that time in everyone’s life when it feels like the world has ground to a halt, and the earth has stopped spinning on its axis.
You know !!! that time when it feels like Nothing “wants” to happen. So, you’re literally dragging yourself through life, bored, confused and clueless.

I was once at that place. I was at home for four years, sick and drained of life, looking at the door but unable to go through it.
Obviously, I had loads of free time at my disposal, so what did I do with it?
I read an entire library of books.. Literally!!

Maybe you’re a fresh graduate looking for a job, or you just lost your job,a retiree or a stay at home mom with kids who have started school, whatever it is, as long as you have some free time at your disposal, You can actually put it to good use. Make your free time a fruitful time ­čÖé what do you say ?

1.TAKE A TRIP: If you have the means, take a trip, visit new places, Know your world, meet new people, make new connections, make new acquaintances. You sure would learn a thing or two in the end.

2.FURTHER YOUR EDUCATION: you can actually take classes, music classes, online courses, French or skill acquisition classes.
learning never ends.
Take the opportunity and improve on your profile, boost your resume. it will come in handy when the time comes.

3.READ: reading is one of the most productive things you can do with your free time. read a book or two each week or however you can, Some of the world’s most successful people attribute their success to consistent reading. It Will improve your communication skills, make you more informed, broaden your horizon as well as improve your vocabulary.

4.BECOME AN EXPERT: you can spend your free time acquiring a skill of your choice. You can also spend it perfecting the skills you already have, try to become an expert at your hobbies/ talent. Like they say, when preparation meets opportunity success is imminent.

5. LEARN A LANGUAGE :I am using my free time to perfect my French and Arabic. You could do the same. You’d be glad you did.

Any more suggestions lovely people?


  1. Reading is definitely my go-to activity when I actually have some free time. It doesn't happen that often right now as I have two littles but I do love to read and take the chance whenever I can.

  2. I took some time off after university and I spent that time traveling and just being with my family. It was some of the best days ever!

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