5 resources that will make you a better entrepreneur


As a business owner and entrepreneur when you hit a roadblock or a dead-end, where do you turn to for help!!! There a couple of resources that can help you with tips on how to beef up your sales skills, fresh ideas on how to get investors and information on market trends and a bunch of other cool stuff (0.0).

1.blogs : it’s a good thing blogs are free and easy to access, so what’s stopping you. As an entrepreneur you need to make the most out of them. They provide really insightful information most of the time, all for free.

2.youtube: There’s so much more than funny videos and fun facts on YouTube. There are so many YouTube channels that offer incredibly helpful and easy to follow tips for small business owners.

3. Social media: I love chatting but I also know that social media is worth so much more than that. It can provide plenty of fodder for your brain. There’s no topic under the sun that you can’t find information on, so sign up for a few LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, Twitter chats, and start ingesting.

4. Webinars : These are really valuable teaching tools and very interactive, If you are looking for a more interactive way of learning you could sign up for webinars. some of them are free others, not so expensive.

5. Ebooks: I have been downloading a lot of these lately, e-books are a lot more comprehensive than blog posts go in-depth on a topic and can be consumed quickly. Some are free, while others are pretty affordable.


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