5 Reasons why Tumeric is good for you.

Ever heard about “turmeric” ?
I bet you have. And if you haven’t, where on earth have you been?
This natural spice has gotten quite the rave in recent times and rightly so.For starters, Tumeric is a root which when dried and ground is used as spice for food. It is also known for its numerous health benefits.
It aids digestion and Relives pain.
It has also been used in treating a variety of conditions such as
menstrual problems,
blood in the urine,
chest pain.
The list is endless. Way more than 5 reasons actually.
We never run out of tumeric at home, my mom makes certain of that ( lol.)

So how can you use tumeric powder
to cook and what kind of food can you use it in?

It’s really simple
For one, you can drink tumeric as tea, it tastes nice. You can also add it to your tea if you don’t want to drink it directly.

Add it to your stew or food toppings.

You can add it your rice dishes, whatever type, be it jollof, fried, coconut or any other.

You can add it to your soup

It’s so much like curry powder, so it also helps in food coloration, to give that lovely yellowish color.
It can literally be used for any kind of food..
Just remember not to over use it, excess intake of tumeric does have some side effects.

Like they say everything in moderation, including moderation.

So, what ways do you use tumeric to cook and in what kind of foods? Please use the comment box and share your knowledge ­čÖé


  1. Hi! I am from India, and I am well used to this turmeric in my routine.. I guess, many does… in the form of cream and other medicines and yet not knowing it directly… I appreciate you bought this as an awareness, I would be glad if you also educate through your blog about its benefits, when it is used directly from direct farm…
    I am happy if you also visit my blog and your valuable feedback…

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